Global Council:
Sample policies

Councils may be formed with the approval of the Board of Directors to serve the needs of the Association.

The Association of REALTORS® must approve the Councils’ new or amended:

  • Name
  • Mission/Vision Statement
  • Membership Criteria
  • Policies

The Association of REALTORS® will provide the Councils:

  • Meeting space for monthly/quarterly meetings to be scheduled and with the approval of the Association’s staff liaison. Consideration of the Association’s rental operations take priority for non-regularly scheduled meetings
  • Funding, as budgeted during the initial start-up phase, is available upon request. However, it’s not to last more than two (2) years.
  • Basic information about the Council, its criteria, and upcoming meeting schedule, as provided by the Council, will be provided on the Association’s website.
  • Staff resources provided will be limited to:
    • Reserving meeting facilities at The Association of REALTORS®
    • Council meeting notifications and RSVPs tally
    • Coordinating meal functions
    • Monitoring income/expenses and Statement of Activities if processed through The Association of REALTORS®’  accounts
    • Assisting with meeting set up
    • Assisting with agenda preparation and copying
    • Event and speaker coordination assistance for events open to the general membership

The Councils’ responsibilities include:

  • Creation of a policy manual to include at a minimum, membership criteria, fees and how Council voting will be conducted
  • Reporting activities monthly to the Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors on their monthly programs, speakers, topics, attendance and future agendas on the form provided or one of their choosing
  • Reporting regularly and providing end-of-year Statement of Activities on income and expenses to the Council membership
  • Statement of Anti-Trust Compliance to all members at their first annual meeting each year
  • Providing the Association of REALTORS® staff at least two (2) months notice of any events that will be made available to the general membership including speakers, events and national designation programs
  • Seeking their own sponsors, which must adhere to the Association’s policy